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Documentary filmmaking is and always will be my favorite form of film. I've worked in documentary for 3+ years now between my commercial work and my personal work. When we can connect directly to our subjects is real-life scenarios that look and feel real, we become emotionally invested and bonded closer than ever with the material presented to us. Much of my research has led be to study great filmmakers and world-shakers, such as Werner Herzog, Jennie Livingston, Michael Moore, and Liz Garbus. Documentary is where my professional work meets my personal independent work. Documentary is not just a way of film, but a way to change the world and a way to start conversations that need to be had.

Reel coming soon

Last Update: 2022


The First Documentary

The documentary above is the very first doc I've ever created. While it doesn't shine like my more current work, this piece was the start of everything. I am proud to achieve 'No Nail Polish' after recovering the file after years of thinking it was lost after college.

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