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"I despise formal restaurants. I find all of that formality to be very base and vile. I would much rather eat potato chips on the sidewalk."

~ Werner Herzog
German Documentarian

Hi again!

I'm filmmaker and producer who specializes in docu-style filmmaking and research for commercial brands and independent films. I take a tremendous amount of inspiration from people like Werner Herzog, Janusz Kaminski, Laura Esquivel, Andrzej Wajda, and Rick Sebak


My goal is to combine well-organized film business with top-notch storytelling in order to connect with a variety of viewers. I have a pretty wide set of skills that include detailed preproduction, film budget management, post production workflow, doc-style directing and supervising, and proficiency in most Adobe Creative Could Applications, Davinci Resolve, etc.

Aside from my 3+ years of commercial work, I like to work on smaller indie documentaries and pieces. I've had my fair share of work on student films, local film competitions, gameshows, and streaming service shows.


I am also ​the original founder of What Happens Next blog. While I've stepped down from my position in 2023 and the blog is on an indefinite hiatus, it was a great organization to be apart of. I was also a featured member on the podcast show, What We're Watching, streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and other audio platforms.

While not working, I enjoy painting, spending time with family and friends, being a volunteer for BBBS of Greater Pittsburgh, and being an active farmhand with  the nonprofit J&J Farms Animal Sanctuary.

I have received my B.F.A. in Cinema Production, with a Concentration in Producing and a Minor in Screenwriting, from Point Park University (located in Downtown Pittsburgh) in the Spring of 2022.

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